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Indira's Alteration & Design Studio Testimonials

" Amazing! Indira spent over two hours with me altering my wedding gown and designing a bussle for it. It was a designer wedding gown, and she made it even more beautiful. She also designs clothing for men and women as well. I highly recommend her, well worth the cost!!!"

" Having tried many, many tailors around town, and having had many disasters with every one of them, finding Indira seemed miraculous. Indira has an eye for fit, a keen awareness of what's acceptable in fashion and business clothing, and is the most talented alterations and tailoring professional I have ever met. Which is saying something - for twelve years I owned and operated St. Louis's largest and most profitable costume manufacturing company. I've met a lot of people who can sew, and actually I'm one of them. Indira is the best of them all. I saw a sign somewhere that said "We can do Cheap, Fast and Good - Pick Two!". Indira isn't the cheapest around, but she is good and 100% reliable on deadlines. Plus she can accomplish the occasional miracle. I trust her with my suits, some of which are a significant investment, because she can be trusted to do the job right. Can you ask more than that? "

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